I’ve been busy!

This is the second try for the sad hat. Not so sad any more! It is the Cecily Beanie from Louisa Harding’s knitting little luxuries. The yarn is Cascade wool. The flowers are actually off of another pattern- the Charlotte purse. Here is a close up of the flowers…

This weekend, I spent some time with another of Louisa Harding’s patterns from natural knits for babies and moms. This one was so fun to make!

I still need to embroider a face on to him and tuck in the loose ends;-) This was made from Cotton Classic. I am working on a cat in shine sport, green apple;-) I just have to stuff it and make the ears, and then the face and finishing. Stuffed animals are so fun, and the cotton is super soft!!!

Here is the project that I started today…

This is beautiful BlueSky Alpaca. Not to sound redundant, but the pattern is Lousia Harding’s Diane cardigan again from knitting little luxuries. I started the pattern, got about 5″ into it and realized I had made a mistake- so I frogged it up to the mistake and redid it. Now I am considering frogging again and adjusting the pattern. I think Louisa Harding’s designs are lovely, but her patterns anoy me- I hate all of the seams! So I am going to rework the pattern to avoid seams;-) This will be my most ambitious project yet, so wish me luck!