So lately, it seems I’ve been out to lunch! In reality, I have been traveling some (the weather is so beautiful!) and gardening (the weather is SO BEAUTIFUL) and trying to teach myself JavaScript (::pout:: but the weather is so beautiful!)

I have been getting some knitting done, too. I am almost finished with my alpaca cardigan. The pattern hasn’t been to difficult to write, after all, and the real trick has been keeping a written log of what I am doing! I think I have it, although I lost track of part of it while I was creating the back panel and shaping the armholes.

I don’t think it will be hard to write that part out, as it is all even, and although I don’t have a row count, I can just notate the measurement and all will be fine. Thanks to my friend Heidi, I decided to make a mock seam up the side to add a bit of detail and shaping, and I am pleased with how it turned out.

I know that is not perfect for recreating, but I have a feeling that if I try it again it will be modified further, so I am not to worried!

I’ve also been sewing some. Here is my almost done dress!

It is for my little sister, Christa, who is TINY. I think she will be adorable in this flirty pink camo!

I found this blog today. I am completely enamored, and I think I am going to go get some felt and start playing with animals, myself. Regardless of whether I am successful with my experiment, I think I may have to lurk in her etsy shop, waiting for the next installment of lovely handcrafted items!