I believe I am dissatisfied with my alpaca. I have made no more real progress on it, and I have come to a quandary- shoulders. Now, I know this sounds silly, but I don’t think I have left enough room at the top for shoulders to exist! So, I have thought about it for two days, and I have decided to frog it all of the way. I prefer knitting from the top down, and I think I have found a new pattern that will work nicely. It is shown here as knit, but I am going to make it a simple stockinette, as planed before, and I will probably add the mock seam because I think it looks more tailored.

In other news, I have ordered three other patterns today, and some nice pretty yarn from knitpicks! I am making this sweater for my sister, Jenna- she asked for it, and she is moving to Colorado in the fall, so I figure she will need it;-) The yarn is one of the clearance colors- stream, which I think will look very nice on her. I also downloaded a simple pattern for two at a time toe-up socks from knitpicks. I am going to try my hand at socks finally. I made one pair about two years ago and they turned out wretched, but then I didn’t use any kind of pattern, and well, lets just say I am STILL not that good yet!