I am taking a short break from my jacket. I am still enjoying it, but I have unfortunately lost my place and have to find it again. I may need to start the front over again, which isn’t that big a deal except it is just that much (a few hours) set back, and I am a bit sad. At least it isn’t a really giant setback!

In my short break, I am making my first pair of socks! Take a look!

I have wanted to make socks for quite a while, but I was afraid that I would fall down the sock hole and never come out again! You know- you fall in love with a type of project so much that you can’t face anything else and you become completely obsessed? Well, I do love the socks. I don’t think I am unrecoverable. I predict that I will always have a pair of socks going, but I still have interest in many other things. Whew! That was scary!

Last night, I went to Barnes and Noble, where my friend Heidi was meeting some of her spinning buddies. What a thrill! Spinning! I am going to learn. They are having a dying party this weekend, and I am taking some white Tahki cotton, some beautiful worsted weight Heidi original Alpaca, and some fabric. This is why socks are not taking over my life! I am so in love with fiber. Last night I held some unspun bamboo in my hand, and I was in love. Instantly in love. I want to hold more…