I had a busy busy weekend! For quite some time now, I have been interested in the dying and spinning process of fiber arts, and over the past week I have spent some time with some folks from the local fiber guild. I have not had such a satisfying weekend in quite some time! I was joking with one of the ladies that I am serious danger of fiber addiction, and I think I may have reached the point of no return.

We had beautiful weather for our dying project over the weekend. We spent Saturday and Sunday experimenting with plant-based dyes. This was some of our yield for our Indigo lot. We dyed everything from raw silk and wool to spun wool and even some long swaths of silk fabric and hand made paper. The Indigo was our biggest experimental dye because the dye was so long lasting. I think we used it for probably at least 7 total baths. The end baths were very light, of course, but we had so much fun with it.

We also used Madder, Osage Orange, Logwood, and Cochineal, and it was fascinating to see how the dyes affected the different fibers. I didn’t get as many pictures on day two, which is the day we spent using these dyes- I as too busy bouncing back and forth from dye pot to dye pot and rinsing fiber.

Today has been productive as well;-) I finished my socks a few minutes ago- they have been sitting all weekend without toe decreases! I am a bit frustrated at the toe grafting method that was in the pattern, but my next pair of socks will be different. I am having trouble uploading to flickr at the moment, but I will add the socks picture as soon as I resolve the problem.

While I was finishing my socks, look what came!

This will be a beautiful shawl one day. I am thrilled with it- it will be my first lace project!

I suppose that is all that I have report right now, except that I have recently bought a drop spindle from my new spinning friend, WhorlingTides, and am practicing my drafting and spinning, so that I will be ready to learn on a wheel soon! I am really excited about this, too!