So, I know I’ve been a very very bad blogger lately. Erratic posts, projects that drag on for ever and ever- who wants to read that? I suppose no one. I blame my lack of focus on Ravelry, really! I mean, wow! I get on there, and am lost for hours. I have found so many things I want to make. And then when I am not searching, I am adding projects and taking pictures and editing pictures (because I am not a great photographer!)… eeek!

I have actually been very busy in my blogosphere absence- I am working on a second pair of socks, and I’ve started a lace-work shawl, both from the yarn that I posted about in my last post (from knitpicks). The socks are the coquette pattern in the 2-at-a-time socks book from Melissa Morgan-Oaks. I really love that book- I know it is kind of straight forward methodology that can be applied to any pattern, but I like the feeling that she is holding my hand through the first couple of pairs. New, insecure sock knitter/perfectionist extraordinaire here! It’s funny that I would be so insecure about a simple thing like socks, but hey! I will get the hang of it and then be just as independent as ever. I find that I have a really hard time following most ever pattern that I find- even the easy ones- because I want to second guess everything and I start trying to do it by memory and forget steps. NOT GOOD! This has been a problem with the lace-work shawl. I am doing  the Kiri Shawl from All Tangled Up. I like the pattern, and on the whole, when I got over the whole trying to jump ahead of myself, it was very methodical and peaceful! I am not terribly far into it though, and I think I might frog it and try it on some larger needles- I am using 3.5mm addi turbo lace circulars, and I think I need them to be larger to really get the lace effect. Right now the pattern is just WAY to dense!

I started and frogged another harvey kimono- I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the project! Sad day!

Yesterday, I went and had some play time at Beth’s! A group of us gathered in her kitchen to dye fiber with food safe dyes- mostly food coloring- and had  a whole lot of fun! I’ve really been enjoying my drop spindle (thank you, Beth!) and am patiently awaiting the day when I have my very own wheel. I have been researching them. So many choices! I wish I could go somewhere and try them all out- then I could make a more informed decision about them. But I think what will end up happening is I will find a used one in my price range, and that will be that. One day I can choose the wheel of wheels, but for now I will be so thrilled when I bring home my own. Oh little wheel! I am waiting for you! And I have a spot in the house all picked out for you! We are going to be great friends indeed!

Beyond all of these things, I have just been spending a whole lot of time in my garden. My dad came down over the weekend and helped me build a raised bed for veggies. As this is an entirely different subject, I will let you read about it as you like on my other blog😉

I am empty handed at the moment regarding pictures. What a shame!!! I have taken a few shots of my dyed fiber, and will have them to show soon. I just feel like I am behind in everything that I am doing, so let me catch up. The silence is once again broken here at PetuniaLu, and hopefully I can gain some momentum for blogging as I organize my projects and focus!