Hey Anna! Happy Wednesday! Ben and I are sitting here, looking at all our projects, and wishing you were here. I am a bit hungry, and am missing you all the more for the grumbles in my tummy and no Anna to meet for lunch!

Look at my socks, Anna! They are quickly coming to a close. They turned out a bit larger than I expected- I neglected to do a gauge swatch… that will teach me, hu? oh well. They are still lovely, and I love the way the yarn feels. It is rough without feeling scratchy. I love the heathery color, too. I am going to get more of this yarn!

Today, I am going to try to read some Moby Dick. I am reading it with Ed- neither of us have had to read it before, and it is an American Classic!

Guess what? It is Wednesday afternoon at 12:00 and they are testing the tornato alarm. I just heard it go off and it startled me! Definitely not a tornado though. Clear sky, mostly sunny today with a high of 97? it is about 85 right now. Plenty of humidity.

This is the main thing I have been doing this week… Remember the fiber I dyed? Well, look at it now!

I have about 200 yds of fingering weight yarn in this green color now. This was the fiber sitting dead center in the picture. I carded it all together so that the colors would blend up nicely;-) I LOVE it. Of course, I think I love it mostly because I made it, and I am so excited about being able to make something like that!

Aside from Moby Dick, I think I am going to dig out a project that I have unofficially hibernated. You know the one… the trapeze jacket! I had totally lost my place somewhere halfway down the front, and had to frog the front all the way back. I don’t think it will take me long to get back to where I was, but how frustrating is that?

I suppose that is all for now, dear friend! I am off to scavenge something to eat, and then settle down for either my book or my sweater knitting, and listen to some music. I can’t wait to see your post today! I think the bat story is hilarious, and I told it to Austin. Hopefully no more installments of “bats in the attic” though.

Catch ya later, alligator!