Last Saturday was the 4th Annual Alabama Goat and Sheep Festival in Talladega, Alabama.

It was a small gathering, mostly of goat farmers, but it is obvious that they are trying to grow! There is a distinct lack of animal fiber livestock in the state, so my friend Beth and I volunteered to do some fiber related demonstrations! We brought spinning wheels, drop spindles, raw undyed fiber, kool aid, a microwave, and lots of finished products. We talked to people all day. Beth sold lots of stuff, and we think we have made some good contacts- perhaps Alabama will start producing fiber after all!

There were some fun events at the festival. The one that I got to see went as follows: 5 teams of 2 kids each were set loose in a pen with 6 young goats. Each kid was given an article of clothing (in teams, so one team member had a shirt and the other had shorts), and they had to race to see who could dress a goat first.

They ran like crazy! I thought the boys were particularly cute- the two girl teams came in first (I wonder what that says about young boys and team work???)

The goats were really cute, too. The one goat that evaded capture in the end was so confused! It kept running frantically around the pen after all the other goats were caught and clothed. It was quite the lively activity.

Despite the name of the festival (Goat and Sheep), there were only 3 sheep in attendance. 😉 They were there for a sheep shearing demonstration. They looked very hot before they were shorn! Poor things!

On the whole, the festival was lots of fun, and we met lots of interesting people! I was able to borrow our fiber guild spinning wheel for the weekend, and I started learning to use it while demonstrating it to others;-) I spent a lot more time on my drop spindle that day, but have since gotten more experience with the wheel.

So, this post has turned out quite verbose. Check my flickr page out for more photos!