I spent a few days ago working on finishing a lot of the beginners spinning projects that I started. The yarn is super uneven and inconsistent, but sweet. I am planning a small weaving project with it- we learned to make a small cardboard loom a few weeks ago at the fiber guild meeting.

I am almost finished with my purple socks! They have taken so long!!! I haven’t been working on them much though- I just need to finish the toe decreases and the finishing. Then I can wear them! Oh I am so excited! I am also making good steady progress on my Trapeze jacket. Yesterday I finished the neck shaping, and soon I will be joining the front and the back under the arms! (the shoulders are already joined due to the handy dandy provisional cast on!) I will have pictures of both soon- my camera battery is dead and I need to charge it this afternoon.

I am starting a new special surprise project, and I am tempted to share it here, but I am not sure if the surprisee is reading! Well, she already knows about it kinda. Maybe I’ll share later this week. I am starting right now though, and I am excited! Here’s a hint: SOCKS!