Well hello there! I have been feeling rather quiet lately, thus the lack of posting. Why, you say? Well, it isn’t for lack of projects. No, no. While some might stop knitting when it gets hot, I have been cranking away at my various a sundry projects.! I can’t wait to show you, but I think one of the causes of my quietness has been my photography. I am out of inspiration for photographing my projects, and I am trying to do something about that.

I’ve been doing a lot of spinning lately! This is a spindle that I have borrowed from my good friend WhorlingTides. It is beautiful, and I can spin SO MUCH on it! I think I can get close to 300 yards of fingering weight yarn (single spun)… I am LOVING this spindle!

I received my first 6 lbs of Mill Ends rovings last week, and am planning a big dyeing project soon! I’m planning on dyeing a good deal of it with marigold, and perhaps some madder. I want to get some good reds, yellows and golds. I will probably use some other natural dyes, maybe some logwood and some indigo as well… we’ll see! I am so excited about it all!

Updates soon. I will get over my photography slump soon!