Behold the lovely socks that I finished last week for my MIL, Colleen! They were birthday socks! I love the yarn.

There are more images on my flickr site.

I have more to report, too! Look at this!

So cute! I made the pattern up myself, although honestly who can say they have an original hat pattern?? I made little booties to go with it. They are REALLY small. I have a hard time imagining a real person foot in them. We’ll see…

I have posted a few shots of some of my handspun on Flickr as well. I have been busy busy spinning!

More later! I have spent the day catching up on my all photos (crafty and otherwise) so things should be more manageable now. Here’s hoping! I did a bunch of fiber dyeing yesterday with WhorlingTides. We used her acid dyes, and had lots of fun! I’ll try to get some pictures of those rovings next. They are almost dry;-) and very pretty!