Alas, the blog has fallen woefully behind again! I do have ideas about what to say, but unfortunately life is a bit chaotic and I cannot get my head on straight. I bought a wheel two weeks ago! It is beautiful. A Louet S10! The wheel of my dreams. And I do love it. I took it on vacation shortly after receiving it, and spun to my hearts content in a remote cabin in East Tennessee. No internet connection, so no vacation blogging! And since I’ve been home, I can’t seem to get my schedule back in order. I blame it on the Olympics. And I have been working extra hours to help out a co-worker. And Austin got a new game. So, there. All the excuses I can come up with!

I have been really busy in the last two or three weeks! Whorling Tides and I had a big dye day, and I got to play with some neat, simple natural dyes.

I am really focusing on the color and the technique of natural dyes- I’ve been reading like crazy. My MIL bought me a copy of Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing by Rita Adrosko, and I borrowed Jim Liles The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing: Traditional Recipes for Modern Use. I also got some books at the library, including this absolutely precious one from the early 20th century, called Vegetable dyes; being a book of recipes and other information useful to the dyer, by Ethel M. Mairet (c. 1916).

So, that sums up life in the last couple of weeks. Natural dyes. Reading. Spinning. Repeat!