Busy, busy! Monday, WhorlingTides, Might Could and I made a dear new friend, Cozette! Cozette is the owner of about 65 llamas. She and her llamas live in north Alabama, just outside of Huntsvile, at Cozy Cove Farm. WhorlingTides, Might Could and I went on holiday to visit them on Monday, and we had a blast! The farm is a lovely, green 80+ acres, complete with barns and pastures.

A Cozy Cove Llama Stallion (picture taken by WhorlingTides)

A Cozy Cove Llama Stallion (picture taken by WhorlingTides)

The llamas are quite pervasive- everywhere we looked there were more llamas! We got to help Cozette move her herd of geldings from one pasture to another, and then she took us to the barn where all the ladies were gathering. It was a humid Alabama summer afternoon and in the wake of Hurricane Gustav, the lady llamas were gathering in the barn, and lingering around a giant fan. We got to walk among them and pet them as they milled around in the barn, eyeing us curiously. Thanks, Cozette! We had a great time!

Perhaps in the last few weeks I have neglected to mention that this crazy petunia-head has signed up as a vendor at the Southeast Animal Fiber Festival (SAFF) in Asheville , North Carolina in October? WOW! Sometimes, I wonder what I was thinking, and then I remember that my life has been consumed with animal fiber over the last few months. I love it! So, I am sharing a table with… you guessed it! Might Could and WhorlingTides! AND, our new friend Cozette is thinking of joining us as well, which would be a ton of fun!

I have been spending a lot of my time lately trying to get things ready for the festival. I think these are things that I would normally be doing on my own, but the festival has accelerated my activities and increased the quantities that I am working with. This week, aside from visiting the Llama farm, I have spent some time dyeing some BFL and some Masham with indigo, washed 2 Alpaca fleeces, 1 Romney fleece, and have started to wash some Llama. I have managed to break the footman to treadle connector on my new(ish) spinning wheel, and have had to order the new part along with some other goodies from The Woolery. But, most importantly, I am almost done with the Trapeze jacket! I think it will be finished just in time for YOU-KNOW-WHO’s birthday on the 15th! This is very exciting!

BTW, if anyone would like some Llama fiber, let me know! I have some that I can sell (either raw or scoured!)