I got two packages in the mail today! Wow, I feel spoiled! The first was all kinds of surprises from my secret summer fiber buddy (she revealed herself with this package since the summer is over now!) Thanks Melissa, for the beautiful purple lorna’s lace yarn and the awesome new orifice hook!

The orifice hook is just in time, because The Woolery package I ordered the other day came today, too! So I have a nice new footman to treadle connector for my spinning wheel!

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last week or so:

This is a Romney fleece from a lady in our fiber guild! It was very messy, but I think it is going to clean up nicely in the end:-) I have most of it done, but there is about 1/3 of it that pervasively filled with VM!

Here is some other fiber I have been playing with for the last week:

Some of Cozette’s llama wool! It is cleaning very easily. Since I don’t have a flick carder, I went and bought myself a little dog brush. Not terribly professional, but it gets the job done!