It’s kind of like a big long laundry week around here! Because I am trying to keep some of my costs down, I have chosen to work primarily with unprocessed fiber. So if the theme for the next few weeks is repetitive please forgive me! I am basically living at the fiber laundromat;-)

Seriously though, today I have completed washing almost 2 lbs of llama wool. My goal is to have just under 20 pounds of this lovely stuff dyed and combed for my SAFF inventory, so I need to be working even faster than that! But, I made really good progress on it today. I get kind of carried away with the way it feels and find myself just petting it sometimes!

I have been busy with my knitting project this week too, and have made some really good progress. Saturday is the baby shower, and I have been knitting for 9 months in preparation for this special little guy! I am proud to announce that he will be receiving all of these goodies:

Progress on you-know-who’s sweater has been slow this week. One sleeve cap is done, but with all the other stuff going on, well, it had to be put onto the back burner. Sorry, you-know-who! I hope to have it done by the end of the month. Meanwhile, you should just smell all of your birthday flowers!