Why Knot Fiber Collective Informational Card

Why Knot Fiber Collective Informational Card

So, Heidi put a lot of work into this card, and we are so proud of it! Our lives are suddenly consumed with preparations.

Today, I spent the afternoon dyeing. Monday, I mordanted two  pounds of BFL which had to age for three days. This afternoon, I began my Madder dyebath, which has to soak for 24 hours. After setting that aside, I spent some time dyeing a pound of BFL in lovely yellow fusic! I am so pleased with how it turned out. Tomorrow, I will have photos!

I am also going to try to do some overdyeing! I have a small amount of fiber that has been dyed in Indigo, and according to Jim Liles, I can get a lovely green if I dip it in my fusic dyebath for 15 minutes! Oh, I am so excited!

Okay, I want to talk more about this tomorrow! I am going to finish watching the Daily Show, and then I am going to do a bit of mordanting before bed!