A glimps of my recent activities!

I have been mordanting and dyeing away. I have finished probably 11 lbs so far;-) All in preparation for SAFF! A week and a half left

So far, I have dyed with Logwood, Madder, Cutch, Fusic and a little bit Indigo. I am not completely satisfied with my Indigo results, but that is okay because rumor has it you can get all the Indigo you want from Might Could!

I have BFL Rovings, Lincoln locks, Llama locks, and maybe even some Ramboulette if we are lucky! I am still working on getting it clean.

I am getting a bit nervous about SAFF! It seems like it is going to be so big, and my little operation is so small. And I am so new! But I love what I am doing, and I think my stuff looks really pretty!!! SAFF, here I come!