After months and months of preparation, I am finally ready to go to SAFF.

My living room has been a mess for weeks. Even now, I sit here and wonder where to begin cleaning, but that will have to be another day! I leave for Asheville in the morning!

Pictured clockwise from the left are my four different product catagories: Braided BFL, Wool/Mohair Blend, Llama, and Lincoln. I left the Lincoln in locks. They are so pretty, and we will have Might Could’s most excellent drum carder at our booth for the convenience of our patrons! Each are dyed in corresponding colors with slight variation: Madder, Fusic, Cutch, Logwood. The Wool/Mohair includes a pound dyed in Turmeric, and the Llama has 1 1/2 pounds tinted in Logwood (it started as a nice cinnamony brown and now has purple highlights!)

Drum Carder with Llama

Drum Carder with Llama

I have cleaned, picked, scoured, soaked, mordanted, dyed, braided, and carded. I have weighed, packaged, tied off, and labeled. And now I am starring at it all in wonderment. Is any of it going to sell?

I am so excited about this festival. To be there, in a sales areana- one of two- filled with other fiber vendors, and thousands of fiber enthusiasts! My head is swimming with excitement. And I am so proud of myself! I am finished getting ready! I did it!

Wow. I better get some rest tonight! This is going to be a big weekend. Stay tuned! If I have wi-fi in my hotel I will try to keep you updated on my progress! Wish me luck!