Hello friends!

I have made it home from Asheville! I had brought my computer and intended to write updates while I was there, but our hotel had faulty internet service, and I didn’t have time to seek a wireless connection elsewhere.

SAFF was quite the experience! I want to say hi to all of the new friends I met! HI! There was so much to see and hear and touch at the festival. So many beautiful yarns. So many lovely fleeces. And any kind of goodies that you could ever want to accompany the yarn and the fleece and the dyed fiber! I am afraid I got myself into a little bit of trouble- I bought two new drop spindles and FOUR beautiful fleeces in addition to some roving and a bit of undyed yarn. My booth was cushioned neatly at the end of a row by a Wendslydale shepherdess, a farmer who has Jacob sheep, Alpaca, and Angora rabbits, and just down the row from The Woolery and the fleece sale room!

Sadly, I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted to. I have a few that I still need to upload, but I was so cold and so busy most of the time that I forgot about my camera! I will try to post what I have tomorrow!

I only sold a small portion of my inventory, although I did sell completely out of my Indigo braids! Hot ticket item! I have so many ideas about new products, so we’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks! Meanwhile, you can find a selection of my stuff in my ETSY shop!