Here is how I was all set up at SAFF. It was a novice’s shop at best, but I was so proud of myself I took lots of pictures, which can be seen on my flickr site. I ended up rearranging a few times a day!!!

These were the folks directly across from my side of the tent. They were so awesome! Felted Looms is based in central Kentucky, and they have developed a felting machine that can make individual items safely and easily. They were selling their looms, but they also had all of these beautiful products for sale as well! This shawl was one of my favorites:

Felted Looms Shawls

Felted Looms Shawls

I was so tempted to buy some stuff from them, but I resisted (I am actually sorry about that at the moment!)

Me and Nancy Hamilton, the natural dye workshop instructor

I also met the lady who has taught the natural dyes workshops, and we talked about methods and dyestuffs… lots of fun things! She is a wealth of information, and I was pleased to be able to show her my stuff!