I lost focus for awhile, but I am back to knitting away on my sister’s now late birthday present! Her birthday was mid September, and it looked exactly the same back then. Sad day. But I plan on working away today while I watch the election results role in!

I have been doing lots of spinning this week, too! I have finished 5 skeins of BFL wool yarn, one in each of my five colors: light madder (peach), dark madder (orange), logwood (purple), fusic (yellow) and cutch (light brown). They are lovely and soft, and hanging on my back porch drying (this morning I set the twist!)

Over the weekend, I got a super early Christmas present- an out-door burner to add to my dyeing equipment! I am so exited about using it… I have big plans. I am getting ready to buy some Cochineal bugs from a friend, so perhaps my first use of the burner will produce a lovely pink!!! I am so excited- did I say that already??? Well, I am!

So, off to knitting…