So, I am not a native southerner, but what the heck. Y’all is such a great second person plural! Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!

I have been quite a busy little girl lately. I have a new job! I have been hired full time a the library that I’ve been working part-time at for the last 6 months. This is excellent news, since I graduated from library school a year ago this month. I have enjoyed learning about myself in the past year. I have learned to live on virtually nothing, to keep busy and to stay on the schedule I set, even if I have no where to go. I have discovered so many wonderful crafty things! But now, I am ready for my new job. I start on Monday, and I am thrilled. The great thing about it is that I get to keep all of the responsibilities I have had as a part-time librarian, which means I get to keep the craft section! What a life… I get to browse and buy knitting and spinning books, quilting books, sewing books, beading books- you get the picture- and get paid for it!!!

My sister and brother-in-law-to-be came to visit a few weeks ago, and I was thrilled because he wanted to learn all about spinning! We spent quite a bit of time drafting, and then I introduced him to my beginner’s spindle. It was marvelous! The whole visit was great, actually, and they came laden with birthday gifts including a lovely set of knitpicks harmony needles and a pair of bumper stickers that say “I knit while Driving” and “Don’t Knit ant Drive” (Pouria said he couldn’t decide which I would prefer- which is funny because they are absolute opposites!)

I have been busy making these and these. In multiples to be precise. I have chosen them as two of my easy Christmas presents, and am therefore going to liberally shower my friends and family with one or the other… I am still looking for one or two other things to make. And I am still trodding along with the Trapeze Sweater- I am half way through the second sleeve and hope to reach the collar by this weekend;-) I keep getting distracted, but I want to give it to Jenna before she leaves on her honeymoon (she is going on an exciting tour of Europe- Christmas in Paris, New Years in London… I am so INSANELY jealous!) Cross your fingers. I have to have it done no later than the 8th in order to get it to her before she leaves!!!

So , happy thanksgiving y’all!