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I can finally see the end. I have two evenly shaped sleeves! I cannot believe it has taken me this long since I started the Trapeze Jacket. Alas, I found my first post about it, and it was April! I can see the finish line. I picked the stitches up for the collar, and am 5 rows in. Tomorrow, I start my new job and Jenna is leaving for Europe on the 15th, so I am going to have to be really disciplined, but I think i can make it. The collar is 38 rows, so if I am able to finish it tomorrow after work then I can start on the button band Tuesday morning. I am determined to have it finished by the 8th!

I have more to show you! Look- my Christmas basket is filling up with goodies for my friends and family for Christmas. I think I might make this– a little bird told me that one of my sisters would like it.

I am still struggling about what to do for my mom. She wants socks, but I don’t have time to finish a pair of socks AND get all the other knitting done, so she might get a rain check. I am kinda hoping that after Christmas, I can do some knitting for myself! And I have a few baby presents to make.

Sigh. Bed time! I have an early morning tomorrow!