I finished the Trapeze Jacket. I wasn’t able to get a picture of it, as I wanted to give it to Jenna before she left on her honeymoon (I finished it yesterday and was able to send it up to her in Nashville by way of Deanna, another one of our sisters, so that Jenna could leave with it TODAY!)

I have other things to post though, and I will take pictures as soon as I can. It is dark outside when I get off work, but I will try to figure out a lighting rig! I am just so happy to be finished with the sweater.

It is bedtime. I am having trouble adjusting to my schedule, so posting hasn’t been easy. Plus things have been chaotic. I will be back to my regular schedule soon, although I suspect Wednesdays will be my post days now because I go in later in the day!

Stay tuned for more Christmas knitting!