News Flash, everyone! At 7:20 AM it is 18 degrees here! I know for some that would be a blessed relief ( I hear the midwest hasn’t seen day time positive numbers for a while!) but for Alabama that is COLDDDD. I am kind of excited!

My purse did come, with everything I expected. Not my camera though. I now don’t think my camera was in thereto begin with- I must have left it somewhere else during my gypsy tramp across Tennessee! Which is unfortunate, because my vest is all but finished. Literally, i just have to do the neck and arm-hold lining, and then voila! Finis! I tell you what, that pattern is QUICK AND EASY. And I love the yarn, too! Pale green with flecks of white and blue;-) … My parents are coming down on Saturday to say hi and have a hamburger (they will have to stay the night for this pleasure, as it is quite a drive) and I will take pictures with my mom’s camera.

Happy Friday!