My mom brought her camera down for the weekend, and so although the shots are hurried, and the vest is unblocked (still working on lining the neck and armholes!), here it is!

The pattern knitted so quickly! Of course, it looks kind of out of shape (once again not blocked) but I think it will look nicer on me! I’ll finish the lining this evening and tomorrow, and can wear it to work on Tuesday!… Perhaps it is my Inauguration vest!

I am also quite excited, because while mom and dad were here, we reorganized my office/studio. Austin is getting deep into his writing (dissertation), and needed a bulletin board to organize all his chapters and outlines… I needed more shelving space for kitchen stuff. We now have floor space! And I went through my whole filing cabinet and shredded the records for 2006/07 (about time!) I know this stuff isn’t crafty, but it has to do with my work space! All organized now!