Sorry! Still no camera, so no pictures. I think it was a casualty of the missing purse after all, or at least of the end of our holiday excursion. My mother-in-law is coming next weekend, and I am going to finagle a camera then.  But good news! We are planning on replacing it soon… and with something nicer, too! It may be another month, but we are looking! So it won’t be to very long! Meanwhile, you are going to have to suffer through my prose!

I am not what you would call adventurous. I play it safe more than anything–  generally take plenty of time to become competent with one skill before I move on to the next.  Let me tell you, for someone who has been knitting for as long as I have, it is crazy that I have never seriously cabled or done any color work. Everything has been pretty tame. For the longest time I simply made scarves! I haven’t made any nice lace things- open work is a mystery to me! I can knit and purl to make lots of lovely textures. I must say I have the knits and the purls down pat. It is time to branch out. But I am loving this sweater-making kick that I am on. I have started a new one, and it is another rather quick knit! It is so far along already, and I have been working on it for just about a week… It is another Stephanie Japel pattern- this one. In this yarn. And for the first time, I am going to get to do cables!

This adventurous break-out has been inspired by two separate bloggers (Ranger Sarah and MariKnits)  that I keep up with.  Each have finished new skill projects- both fair isle hats (and oddly enough they finished at the same time!!!) I am still not quite brave enough to for the fair isle. Maybe later this year. MightCould made a lovely stocking this year, and I might have to break down at some point, because I really want to have one for my house next year… For now, I am content with the cables. And I am sure they are going to occupy me for perhaps a few projects, at least! Because after all, you can’t change my nature. I may be trying something new, but I am sure I will get obsessed with it and want to master the skill before moving on.

By the way, I chose to read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao next. almost half way done- my first piece of fiction in a while, and it is moving so much faster than nonfiction! I’ve also had my nose stuck in E. M Forster’s Aspects of the Novel. I am in the process of evaluating my 800s (classic literature, poetry, essays and short stories, plus style and writing guides…) at work, and fell upon it. I love my job!