I have been knitting more dilligently than ever these days, but I’ll tell you what. It is very hard to maintain a knitting blog without a camera. I know I keep harping on that note. I have saved about half the money that I need for a new one, but the saving is going slowly, and then my ipod died the other day on my walk to work! The choice is hard, but I think the camera is coming before a new ipod. I can think to myself or perhaps hum a bit on my 17 minutes of walking;-)

A dear friend had her baby last Thursday, and I have been knitting lots of cuttie-puttutie baby things. I made a baby surprise jacket, and Debbie Bliss baby shrug, and a little beret… and I used a special colorway of Lorna’s Lace Shepherd Worsted Multi. The colorway is Nelle, and it was commissioned by my local yarn store in memory of a local knitter who died of breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research, and the colorway is lovely- blue and pink and brown. I am headed to Nashville next weekend and will try to get some pictures before I deposit the knitted goods in the hands of mamma.

More recently, this evening in fact, I have been knitting a pair of mitered mittens. They are flying off of my needles! I have wanted a pair for some time now, and as demonstrated earlier, I am spending a good bit of time making things for myself right now. Two sweaters and a beret were made for baby, but all the rest so far this year has been for me! Once I get a bit of an inventory of useful items for myself, I am sure the knitting for others will resume. I have my mom’s birthday coming in May, and that kicks off the marathon of birthdays that continues until Christmas;-) So really, this is the last month that I can knit for myself for a while!