I bought several hanks of Lorna’s Nelle. It was just to lovley and soft, and well, Rachel’s babies are always such pretty little things, too, and will look so lovely wearing Nelle colors!

So, I present sweater #2: Debbie Bliss’s Baby Shrug, size 18 mos.

Babies born in Nashville, Tennessee, in March don’t get much time to wear handknits when their first born. The weather is to warm to soon;-) So I made this for her to wear all next winter, and surprisingly, I think it will fit one of her big sisters right now if Rachel wants to get some use of it now!

This pattern was, once again, so simple and quick. It knits flat, sleeves and everything, and then you seam up the side and the bottom of the sleeves. I think the pattern called to knit the edging before the seams were put into place, but I ignored that part, seamed it up, and then edged all the way around for five rows.

And what baby is good without a classy little handknit hat! I made this one a Debbie Bliss Pompon Beret. Minus the pompon, which I didn’t feel up to at the time.

The problem is that I was at work (and I am a librarian, with all of the knitting books in my special and attentive care!!) and I was pouring over Simply Baby one afternoon, and bookmarked half a dozen patterns. These two were the ones that have been made. And I think that little Miss Audrey is all set for a while!