Have I really not posted since 21 March?? That is incredible to me. I’ve still been knitting, and even spinning some (although I am having trouble with my tention on my Louet S10… anyone know how to help?)

The think is, I have been pretty busy at work (I am currently at a conference in Auburn, AL), so maybe I can blame that for my lack of posting now?? Please? Okay– I am sorry.

I have been loving Elizabeth Zimmerman lately. More specifically, her Knitter’s Almanac! These are some of her mittered mittens, which I have made several pairs of. I love the simplicity of them. I love the easy thumb, inserted later (note that I am missing thumbs in the above mittens as illustrated by the dark purple line on the right hand!)

These are made in oh-so inexpensive cascade 220. I made a set, with scarf and hat included (not finished yet!). I wanted to try the patternes before I work with something oh so lovely– and I have just the oh-so-lovely in mind–Shivaya Naturals!!  I discovered it through Soule Mama. Heather of Shivaya uses lovely, eco-friendly natural dyes in a way that I can only dream of, and I cannot wait to get my hands on her yarn! I have not chosen a color yet. I also like the organic worsted…so many choices. I am just going to have to make more than one project.

I think I need to calm my life down a bit. Everything is moving so fast around me. When I get home from this conference (Alabama Library Association) I am going to try to take some time to breath, and put my hands in the earth. Perhaps you will see pictures of my flowers soon. Until then, I will knit my way through my programs tomorrow, and enjoy the atmospher of librarians EVERYWHERE!