I am almost finished with my Stephanie Japel Airy Wrap-Around Sweater. I’ll tell you what. That front that wraps around? It takes forever to knit. It is this little eyelette pattern that repeates in seven or so rows- or at least that is how I did it, and it took me a while to get the first side finished. 50″. That is a lot. But I am a good bit of the way through the second side, so it is almost finished. I have to re-knit the sleeves, because a real person cannot fit their real arms in the ones that I made originally;-)

The back and the sleeves have this nice little cabled detailing on them. They were officially my very first cables, and, well, I got the hang of that just fine! I am enjoying the challenges of detailing now. I was quite nervous at first…

I think it is going to turn out quite nice, and I am excited about wearing it when it gets cool again. It is alpaca, so it will be nice and warm, even though it is so light-weight. I figured it would go good with a dress in the winter time;-)

My next project is another sweater- this time from the spring issue of Interweave Knits. I started the Diminishing Rib Cardigan yesterday… I hate to overlap the two projects, but I couldn’t wait!!! The Spring Interweave Knits has so many lovely patterns in it, I felt totally justified buying it.

It seems that I have my knitting mojo back, and hopefully I can get my blogging back under control, too! I’ve been having a really rough time of it lately because of personal life distractions- my house has been infested with fleas and my poor dear little cats and my husband have been suffering. It was a sudden thing. The cats are indoor cats, and we don’t usually have to deal with such a mess! On top of this, my dear dear friend, Jill, who has been fighting leukemia for 2 years lost her battle two weeks ago today. This time since she died has been a time of reflection for me, and I haven’t felt like sharing a lot of myself during it. But I am feeling like I can be chatty about knitting again now. She was in the middle of knitting a shawl for her mother, and she asked me to finish it for her. I will be getting busy with that soon, too, when I get the yarn for it.