I was sitting here this evening, reading over some long neglected papers that my sister gave me a few months ago. An envelope with some family history documents… I was skimming over one of my relatives DAR application which recounts of the lives of those ancestors who served in the revolutionary war, and I came across this–the inscription on the tombstone¬† of one of my great great greats (and so forth) grandmothers:

“Ann Poague McGinty who brought the first spinning wheel to Kentucky and made the first linen and linsey”

The documents were gathered by my great grandmother, who was 5 generations separated from this woman. I had heard stories of her when I was small. My great-grandma was a believer in stories and in our family’s heritage. She was raised not far from where Ann McGinty had spun her first yarn from buffalo wool. I should go visit.

I feel quite at home now, and think I might get the wheel out for a nice evening, tending to the family business!