I have a little nest. I’ve been sitting in my nest for days now, not moving much. I came down with Shingles at the end of last week, and while I am not overwhelmingly sick, I am not allowed out and about much. I could apparently give everyone Chicken Pox (or at least those who haven’t had them yet… and you never know when you’re out in public!) I am experiencing tender, sensitive skin around my waist on the left side, and I have a really strange rash on my back. Good news- the rash is drying up, and I can’t remember when I was so excited about having scabs! Anyway, I have been indulging in Murder, She Wrote on my Netflix instant watch, and sipping my tea while my needles click click click.

I promised myself that I would finish the three projects before starting anything new. Well, I finished #1- the Diminishing Rib Cardigan from Interweave Knits Magazine Spring 2009. It turned out well, and I wrote extensive notes on my ravelry project page.

As always, I learned a great deal with this project. The tubular cast on and off were very interesting, and I am not much of a written instructions girl, so I found some great youtube tutorials! The finished product of the cast on and bind off, after I got the hang of it, is a nice, neat, edge that is super stretchy, and doesn’t really appear to end- rather it has the appearance of wrapping around the edge. I like it a lot.

I am afraid I made the bottom ribbing overly full because I wasn’t careful with the directions- I accidentally added probably 2 stitches to the increase sequence. We’ll see how it looks after it is blocked (I am blocking right now!) If it is awful, then i suppose I’ll just have to frog the bottom half of the body and redo it. I didn’t discover my mistake until I was almost done (so much for counting my stitches!!) I am half tempted to cast on a second one of these sweaters because in the end it was so pleasant and fast to knit.

So, onto the next task. I am going to try to finish the Airy Wrap Around Sweater by this coming weekend, and hopefully the Pleated Wrap by next week. Then on to new and fun projects! Oh, and this weekend is you-know-who’s birthday, and I can share my super-duper secret project!