And happy birthday husband mine! I love you so much!

In case you don’t recognize it, the hat is inspired by Jayne. Austin is nothing like Jayne in reality. He hates guns and he is super smart, but well, he asked for the hat, so I had to comply! It’s the only thing he’s ever let me knit for him.

The hat is my own pattern. I just basically improvised. I used my own yarn, too! I dyed the orange with Madder and the Yellow with Fustic. The wool is BFL, navajo plied. The red is single ply Malibrego- I couldn’t get the right red color with my dyes…

Not a big project. Didn’t take long to knit, but well, I am proud of it! And Austin is so pleased. He is hot natured and does’t own a coat, but has worn it already. We live in Alabama. It’s 100 and humid outside. It got kind of wet…