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I returned from a whirlwind excursion to Washington DC late Tuesday night, and am still recovering. So much good food! I stayed on Capitol Hill with my husband who is still there researching at the Folger Shakespeare Library. He is disserating for two weeks, and his trip overlaped our anniversary, so of course I took off work and flew up for a few days! Besides, a full 6 of my most intimate graduate school friends have found themselves in the area. It was almost like being home, except more to eat and more to do. Here in Tusaloosa, we are good at sitting in the livingroom talking.

I went to the Renwick while in town, and saw the Staged Stories exhibition, which included hand-knit super hero costumes! They were super cool, but I found myself more excited about SunKoo-Yuh’s sculptures in the next room. If you are in the area, check the exhibit out! It’s free and very cool.

The photo above was my traveling project- my green lacy scarf that I have finally restarted and have begun to make progress on. Lace is made so much easier with lifelines. I found myself frustrated almost to tears before it dawned on me to run the lifelines, but I am finding it quite satisfying now. Of course, on my last day I had to fisit