Thanks to the lovely magic of Ravelry, everything I posted here yesterday now technically belongs to someone else! Last night, I posted a few more things, and I’ll cross post them again here now, just in case.

Let me just tell you how relieved I feel. Three large fleeces are leaving my house; three fleeces that I could theoretically have had a lot of fun with, but which had become a burden because of my lack of space and my severe need for order. I keep telling myself “if only I had a drum carder;” “if only I had a better work space;” …if onlys will only take you so far, and I am determined to make due with what I already have, and get rid of the excess.

Here is the list of the other stuff I need to get rid of:

  • Naturally Dyed Lincoln Locks- I bought a full fleece from a shepherdess in Middle Tennessee last summer and started learning to use natural dyes. I left the fiber in locks because I thought they were so pretty! So far, I have spun some of it straight from the locks and blended some of it into other wool on a drum carder, but since I do not have a drum carder of my own, this is not very practical for me. It is lovely wool, and the colors are very vibrant. I can take $40 if someone wants to take the whole lot! They weigh a total of about 2.5 lbs, and come from a single fleece.

Madder (40z)

Logwood (8.75 oz)

Cutch (13 oz)

Fusic (13.5 0z)

  • Naturally dyed wool blend batts, which I also dyed myself. This is a blend- I am not sure what is in it. I received it in roving, but after I dyed it I found it easier to spin if I put it through a friend’s drum carder, so it is now in 1 oz batts. I will take $20 for the wool blend batts as a lot. They weigh just over 1 lb total, and come from the same roving.

Logwood (8 oz)

Turmeric (5 oz)

Cutch (4 oz)

I have listed on Ravelry. Someone, please take my lovely fiber from me! I really need the space!