If I were reading my blog, I would think that I wasn’t up to much these days! But hey! I have gotten a lot done! I find that I am more compulsive than normal, always having to have those needles in my hands. Even when I am on a trip.

I went to DC last month for a short trip. The husband was on a 2 week research trip to the Folger Shakespeare Library, so I came to visit him. After all, he was going to be up there for our anniversary, and I needed a vacation! It was awesome, I got to see some dear friends who are in the area, enjoyed some AWESOME food, and got some knitting in!

This is the Knitty.com pattern Lace Ribbon Scarf. It is officially my first (successful) venture into lace, and I must say it is going well! I had to learn a few very painful lessons about not using lifelines. I love lifelines now. Lifelines are my friends! I started this project, I kid you not, 20 times before I got the hang of the ssk 2 yo k2tog yo k3– I found myself an unfit match for the counting, and I gave up on the project at least 2 times, but I kept coming back to it, and I am completely a lace convert now. Converted to the point that I have started another lace project in addition to this one! Of course, I haven’t finished this one, so that is bad.

I am in a season in my life where things are getting started, and will get finished eventually.  I have 4 or 5 knitting projects going right now. I am in the dead center of 10 different books that I can count, and I am sure I have started others that have fallen out of memory as they were case to the side. I am in the middle of countless tv series, and they are queued up in my netflicks instant watch- endless possibilities of watching and knitting and reading. I will get some focus here soon. I will finish a few things, and it will make me feel so good! But for now, I am content to start things. So many things! The world is my oyster and I intend to enjoy the possibilities, for now!