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That is how I would describe the yummy bread pudding I made today.

I confess, I am an epicurious junkie. I use the site unabashedly for my every day cravings. The pudding is from Bon Appetit Oct. ’01. I am on a bit of a quest- I am going to give my sister a bread pudding journal for Christmas, since we both have a firey passion for it. My recipes will include savory as well as sweet dishes. I have a few of the savory ones already, including a mushroom and asparagus pudding from the vegetarian times a few months ago;-) You would have never known that I was a bread pudding fanatic, but I thought it was time I shared my deep, dark secret with you. Cats out of the bag. Share your favorites with me if you like- I always love a new recipe!

I have news! This week I finished Jill’s Wrap AND my green lacy scarf! I also finished reading David McCullough’s John Adams! I knew I had it in me- I just had to give myself some time.

I frogged two projects last night. Both are from Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits. I LOVE that book.  I had started a little Violet Sacque. The pattern is so precious. But I couldn’t find the right sized needles- I needed 2.75 and all I had was a 3.5– as you can imagine, it altered the pattern immensity, and I broke down and bought a new addie turbo 2.75 circular last week. So that project has been restarted and wow it sure is a cutie! I also frogged a little pixie hat. Once again, the gauge was completely off, and  I just wasn’t happy with the result. I think before long, I am going to make every single thing in that book!