I’ve been meaning to write more about the scarf that I made for my sister, Jenna. It was so nice to make. I really am quite enjoying the whole lace thing– after all, everything that I have cast on in the past month has been lace! And the scarf, I improvised with a lace pattern that I learned from another project (the violet sacque!) The yarn is a mystery yarn– I am pretty sure it is wool. I got it from my friend Heidi, and I am not sure if she dyed it herself or not. It is lovely shades of autumnal oranges and golds.

The pattern was a simple one:

CO 21

2 rows garter

repeat for 3 rows: k1, *yo k1 (k2tog, k1) 2 times, yo, k1*

p 1 row

repeat for 3 rows: k1, *k2tog, (k1, yo, k1) 2 times, k1, k2tog, k1.

p 1 row

repeat sequence for 8 ft (yes the scarf was 8 ft! she asked for 10…)

end with two rows of garter stitch, BO.

Immediately after I cast this scarf off, I cast one on in pink for myself. I wanted a lacy pink scarf;-) I am finished with it, and should have pictures this weekend.

Happy knitting!!!