My friend Morgan is pretty awesome. We met in library school, and she had the guts to move to Washington D.C. all by herself when we graduated! I admire her for that (among other things– she has great taste in music and movies, always finds the best restaurants, and when you’re with her you don’t always feel like you have to fill the air with fluff)…

Well, I spent the week with Morgan when I went to DC in August, and came home with my beautiful Mirasol yarn, and every intention of making her a winter hat and mittens to say thank you for such an awesome vacation. Here it is, mid November, and I am just getting my knit goods in the mail. I packaged them up over the weekend. And then Monday, I get a huge package in the mail from her for my birthday, filled with baked goods, new music, and an awesome book on architecture (one of my new mini-obsessions!) and I feel like such a loser for not having this stuff done before!

In all honesty, I made the hat four different times, using four different patterns. I started off with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Ganomy Hat. The Ganomy Hat had been completed– I actually had completed it on the plane on the way home. . . but mine always turn out really pointy at the top though, and I just wasn’t sure if Morgan would like to walk around with a really pointy hat!

Another pattern that I tried was the Better Bucket Hat. This hat has great reviews all over ravelry, and the pictures look so cute! I got half way through it and realized that it takes a TON of yarn, and I didn’t really have enough. Plus, the Mirasol is really dense yarn to begin with, and this pattern would be kinda crazy. a dense pattern with a dense yarn– lets just say it wasn’t a good fit. Plus, I talked to Morgan on the phone, and she told me what she was looking for most was something to cover her cold, cold ears at the bus stop in the mornings!

A  few weeks ago, I finally settled on the Amanda Hat. I think it’s adorable, and it was super easy to knit– actually I had to knit it twice because for some reason it turned out so big hat it came down over my head and over my chin! It didn’t even fit Austin, who has a very big head! But no worries– it’s an afternoon knit, and I had it cut down to size in a matter of hours. I think it turned out super cute, although when I blocked it, it got a funny crease from being folded in half;-) I think that will disappear with a little bit of wear…

I wanted her to have some mittens to go with the hat. Last Christmas (I think it was Christmas… it might have been her birthday!) I sent her some fingerless gloves, but I didn’t have enough yarn to make anything to match them…I wanted her to have a set this time. I love the Zimmerman Mitered Mittens, so I made those for her… They turned out so cozy and nice!

Thanks, Morgan, for the awesome trip back in August! And thanks for the birthday surprises!