I bought the Winter Interweave Knits on my birthday (11.09), having fallen completely in love with the Maple Street Cardigan. How cute, and feminine, and simple. I love the ruffles!

The yarn was purchased a few days later, lovely, soft, red Malabrigo Worsted, and I cast onto my size 6 addi turbos on Friday night, the 20th. Some people might spend Friday night out on the town– me? I spent that perticular Friday night in my pjs, watching Murder She Wrote on my laptop, while sitting on my bed knitting! That night, after swatching and gauging and messing around a bit, I was able to knit down to the sleeve-cap joining. The next day I knitted down to half way through the ribbing (I had to work that weekend). I was so excited… and then Thanksgiving was approaching and I had cooking to do, and shopping to do, and we went to Nashville for several days to spend time with our families… but Wednesday night, I bound off the end of the body and finished one sleeve at Austin’s folks house, after everyone settled down for the evening. I finished the second sleeve and one button band when we got home Friday night, and on Saturday, I finished the second button band and the ruffles.

I had some trouble being patient while it was blocking and drying. I’ve been scolding myself ever since– I soaked it on Saturday and set it up to dry, but it wasn’t dry yet on Monday night, and I really wanted to wear it on Tuesday. I have started a knitting circle at my little library, and we meet on the first Tuesday of every month, and well, Tuesday was the day that I was going to see my knitting friends! So, I pushed all of the warnings out of my head and popped it in the dryer for 10 minutes, just on air, and held my breath… Not good. Not good at all. Thankfully it was only 10 minutes. That Malabrigo didn’t like the dryer at all!!! I had to put it on, damp, and move around a bit to stretch it back into a shape that was wearable! And then I put it back on it’s drying rack, and left it until Wednesday!

Its still lovely, and easy, and I had so much fun wearing it the other day. I am really fighting the temptation to run out and buy more yarn to cast it on a second time! I want to so badly. But I have other things on my needles that should be finished, and I shouldn’t spend the money… one never knows thought! The yarn store is open until 2pm today!!!