I am back, and I had a great time on my trip. I thought for sure that I would post at least once while I was gone, but the excitement of being there really overwhelmed me, and well, I took lots of pictures!

I was especially happy be able to wear my hand-knits every day of the trip;-) I had hats and mittens to keep me warm, and keeping warm on your vacation makes all the difference!

We spent Christmas Day and New Years Eve with some dear friends, saw some amazing sites, and wore ourselves completely out. We had some tasty fish & chips, some excellent cask ale, and some amazing curry!

I even managed to knit myself a hat while we were there! I think it’s super cute! It’s made with Mochi yarn- Austin threw the tag away, so I don’t have the yarn details, but I know that I bought it at Fiber Space in Alexandria back in August! I completely improvised the pattern. I think It’s CO 80 and join, seed stitch for 7 rows or so, stockinette for about the same, garter stitch for 3 rows, basket weave for three sequences, garter for 3 rows, stockinette while decreasing;-) like I said, completely improvised. I came back and picked up the rim and made a 2×1 ribbing for several rows and then shaped he ear pieces, ending in I-Cord and those cute tassels! I don’t’ know if you can see, but there is an I-cord with tassel at the top too… I had to have another tassel!

Hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas. The new year holds so much for us! Happy Knitting!!!