Hi World, it’s me. I put my camera down at Christmas and just picked it back up this week. What a bum! I am sorry for being so neglectful. I miss writing my little Wednesday morning posts.

Guess what today is? Wednesday, of course!

I recently had an itch to make a baby surprise jacket. It’s my second, and I have to admit to having a tough time starting out. I am just not great at keeping calculations in my head. I frogged and frogged. Sometimes frogging way into the project because I discovered it was lop-sided! But finally, I decided to get my calculator out and mark up my book.

I deviously ran out of yarn on our visit to Nashville last weekend so that I could have a solid excuse to visit the Haus of Yarn. I love my local LYS, but a girl as to make sure that when she travels she is going to be cared for, right? So I ended up with not one but three lovely hanks of Jitterbug (the blue below). I have plenty of ideas about what to do with it. I think it was a great complimentary color to the varigated purple mystery yarn that I was using!

When the jacket was finished, it didn’t look finished. It was a super cute sweater, but for some reason I desperately wanted it to have a hood. I was sitting there staring at it, as I am apt to do when things aren’t quite right, and it dawned on my that in my stashed for the future basket was a completely finished Stella Pixie Hat from Vintage Baby Knits, and it was in the same variegated yarn!

Does it fit perfectly, or what? I am so thrilled with this sweet little sweater. Now I just have to produce a little one to fit in it!