Among other things, lately I have been knitting shawls. Labor Day weekend was spent in Boulder with my sister, and in the plane from Birmingham to Denver, I read the entirety of EZ’s Knitting Workshop. What inspiration! What simplicity! I feel like I could knit anything in the world now. I’ve not had ample time to test this theory.

What I HAVE done is knit a Pi shawl with the pinwheel modifications, and work it to the edge. I started on the flight home from Boulder, using some Lorna’s Lace that I bought in Huntsville for a completely different reason. Fancy that!!!

The shawl eventually consumed almost six hanks of yarn ( thus the dyelot change.) I finished it off with a vintage oakleaf lace edging that I found online. I am not entirely sure what I think about the completed project, but I am going to let it stay complete rather than frog six hanks of sock weight lace. Life isn’t always what you expect.

Strange how a project affects you emotionally. I have knit this shawl for my beloved boss, who retired at the end of September. I have had a hard time with the idea of her retiring, and as I have often done before, I used this project to help me work through it all. Plenty of time to think it through. Penny is a dear friend and is an incredible person to work with. I learned so much about being a librarian from her. I learned about patience and humility and office- diplomacy.

Now I just have to tie in all those loose ends!