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How are your October socks coming along? Are you on schedule?

As I write this, I am sitting in the passenger seat of our little Saturn, riding to DC. It’s 9:45am and we left at 4 ( we left in the eastern tome zone, so it looks like we’ve been on the road a whole hour longer!)

Tried to sleep for the first few hours, but now that I have several ill-advised cups of Waffle House coffee in my system, sleep is out of the question. My Agee socks are out of the bag and steadily growing. Did I mention I am knitting them two at a time? The last few pairs I made were various shapes and sizes- not sure what happened to them, but I have a feeling two at a time is going to be my standard method.

I have a question for sock knitters out there: do you fight the temptation to ignore a significant portion of the directions in a sock pattern, and instead opt for the way you know? At a certain point, I think I am just going to grab a stitchonary and find a stitch pattern that I like, because I have standardized my sock knitting so much! This seems a bit dangerous and narrow-minded of me, considering it leaves little room for learning new techniques, but I think socks are the kind of thing I like to mindlessly work on, and I go on autopilot!

I think I’ll be done with these by lunch-perfect, because they are for my friend Morgan who I am on my way to see today! Happy Wednesday!