Did you know it’s almost February? This fact dawned on me a few days ago, and while I am still struggling to meet my other very modest New Year’s Resolutions, I have yet to post a single time on my little knitting blog!

I am going to try to find time on Thursday mornings to post here. I used to be a faithful Wednesday morning poster, back in the day when my days felt like they followed a routine, and back when I worked Wednesday nights. I work Thursday nights now. And I know I usually don’t get super personal here, but when I started working Thursday nights my world was taking a bit of a tilt with a new boss at work, and I am just now feeling like I am getting my bearings back! Change is not usually hard for me, but this change has been huge. In addition to a new boss, who was formerly a co-worker, I was also given supervision of an area of the library which was on the brink of chaos. I am finding balance now, after several months of high blood pressure and tears, and I want to get back to the things that I love.

I have done so much knitting, my friends! I achieved my goal this year of giving hand-made gifts to every member of my family except my dad (who has told me that he would rather be honest about not wanting something that I made for him than to take it and have to act like he used it…I gave him a wireless mouse for his computer instead, and I hope that he likes it!) I wasn’t able to get pictures of everything, but here are a few!

Now that Christmas is over, I am deep deep (21 squares as of last night, with a 22nd on the needles!) into the process of constructing a 64 square mitered square blanket.

In addition to all the knitting I’ve been doing, I have two very important objectives this year:

  1. Cook as many vegetables in as many different ways as possible
  2. Go to the gym 3 times a week

So far the gym is going terrible and the veggies are a dream. I am especially in love with Molly Wizenberg’s Skillet Carrots, which I’ve made three times in the last month. They get better every time, although I do admit to mucking around with them a little. I can’t bring myself to do a yellow onion. I try so hard to eat onions when others prepare them, but I can’t bare to slice into a yellow onion myself, so I use shallots instead. And they are amazing. And I don’t have any fresh Thyme, because when I moved, my transplants didn’t do so well. Instead, I’ve been using Rosemary, and it, too, is amazing. Try them. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve also made some lovely roasted brussel sprouts, lots of turnips, lots of potatoes, some chard, and some amazing beets. I’ve been paring them in threes and calling them meat and threes without the meat. They make a lovely dinner with some nice brown bread.

So, goodbye until next Thursday?