I have had a rough time posting lately. I found a post draft from two months ago that was never published because I  keep getting fed up with Flickr’s image linker. Something happened a few months ago when Flickr upgraded their sharing options… the buttons are in handy spots, but wow! It simply won’t play nice! I find it exceedingly frustrating, especially since Flickr and WordPress both claim what I am doing SHOULD work. I don’t usually have trouble with technology.

I survived the 4/27 tornado. No damage to self or home- I live less than a mile from what is now being called “the war zone.” I know people who lost everything, and that has been hard to live with. When you drive down any main road in town, everything looks the same, and then suddenly the landscape looks like a bomb has gone off. The tornado has officially been declared an F4, and left a 6 mile long 1 mile wide swath diagonally through the heart of town. I’ve never seen anything like it- but then I had a therapist tell me yesterday that no one else has, so that’s a natural thing to say.

And yet, life is continuing forward! The community has pulled together. People from all over the country have dropped their lives to come and help us dig out of the debris and rubble, and rebuild our city. And after a few days of running around, buying supplies for tornado victims, doing people’s laundry, and obsessively reading the Tuscaloosa New’s webfeed and facebook wall, I have picked my knitting back up;-) I even bought some new Koigu for my mitered squares and some new Jitterbug simply because I love Jitterbug. And I am making socks. I’ve made lots of socks lately. Several pairs of knee socks (boy does that take a lot of yarn!) It’s strange- I am usually such a yarn snob, but just before the tornado I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a huge stash of cheap sock yarn. I find irony in this- have you seen my Hobby Lobby lately? BTW, the pile of rubble next to Hobby Lobby used to be Big Lots. And in the parking lot, there was a BBQ restaurant where several people rode out the tornado in the walk-in freezer. So socks it is. Socks with yarn from the now-non-existent Hobby Lobby.

I will continue to figure out what on earth is happening with this Flickr/Wordpress thing. In the meantime, I thought it might be nice to say hi world! and let anyone who might still be out there know that I’m still here;-)