Keeler came to Alabama to visit me today! She’s never been to Alabama before… She was so excited!

My parents wanted to come and visit just after the tornado hit, but life was so busy and traffic was so bad. Everyone in Tuscaloosa including myself was fixated on the destruction and the recovery efforts. Those things are still important, but we have fallen into a new normal around here. We volunteer some of our time. We buy a little extra at the store and take it to those in need. There are Facebook pages set up to coordinate needs and drop-off points. And life has calmed down enough for Mom and dad to visit.


This guy wasn’t at all happy to see Keeler. Keeler is 16 years old, 11 lbs. , and blind. But Ben is a jealous little bit, and there was drama that ended with Austin’s acquisition of bar-brawl like scars. And he has the first day of class tomorrow. He says he’s just going to tell his students his in-laws came to visit and leave it at that.

More socks on the needles! Pictures to come- I cast on two days ago and turned the heel last night;)

And this post can’t be complete without thanking my friend John for leaving his wife and little girl home while he serves his country on Afghanistan, and for all of the honorable service members out there like him. I wouldn’t want there job.

Happy memorial day!