2011-7 recovery.jpg

Wednesday, I had minor surgery. It wasn’t a big deal- I mean, not in the long run. I have been seeing a fertility doctor since April, and I had some minor things that needed to be tended to before we move forward.

2011-7 mitered squares 5.jpg

Austin and I have been married for ten years next month. Lots of graduate school, lots of working, lots of obstacles. Austin had Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2004, and we have had trouble doing things the natural way. I’ve struggled with how much to talk about it to people, but I am getting excited about the idea of finally being pregnant, and I don’t really feel like hiding anything.

2011-7 mitered squares 4.jpg

During my recovery, I’ve been engaging in lots and lots of my beloved knitting. I haven’t been able to do anything else, because frankly I haven’t been able to move. I had three knitting goals for the week of recovery: finish my mitered square blanket, knit Colleen’s birthday shrug, and start a new sweater. In that order. Well, I got a little side tracked, but I have progress to show!

2011-7 mitered squares 1.jpg

I’ve stitched 10 sets of 4 squares together so far. I am actually not finished knitting all of my squares, but I got to excited about the finished product to wait. Sixty-four single squares. I am knitting them together in sets of four. Sixteen sets of four, and then eight sets of eight, four sets of sixteen and then one set of 64!

Soon, I can show you a completed afghan and tomorrow I’ll try to post about the little detour that I took!