The undergraduates have moved back in after a long summer of playing. Football season is getting ready to start, and the primal college white boy call has started resonating throughout our neighborhood.




I know this sound is a universal college white boy call. I’ve lived on or near plenty of college campuses, more than my fair share, and I’ve heard it at all of them. I even remember hearing it while laying in my sister’s guest bed in Boulder- she lives a few blocks from University of Colorado at Boulder, and the boys out there know the call, too.


I think the call is related to football and cheap beer. It’s usually made after midnight, although the eager and inexperienced college white boy might prematurely articulate it as early as  4PM, especially if a game as just ended.


I am not exactly sure what the call is supposed to be communicating. I have a few guesses. Perhaps it means “whaoo I’m buzzed and I don’t know what to do with myself because no one is looking at me.”


What I do know is that I have two sets of boys living across the street from me. And there are solo cups all over the grass. And yesterday was the first day of classes. The first football game is Labor Day weekend.


The call has already been heard.